Friday, January 22, 2010


Ghee is a Sanskrit word for a clarified butter used primarily in Indian cuisine.Because the preparation of ghee involves heat,it has a distinctive toasted flavor,often described as nutty.Ghee is made by simmering unsalted butter in a large pot until all water has boiled off and protein has settled to the bottom.Ghee nutrition has been used in Indian cooking for many thousands of years.Because it is considered pure,ghee has great religious significance.It is used in all Hindu ceremonies,burned in every temple lamp.Ghee has a longer shelf life than standard butter.Making ghee is simple and fun when done carefully.This recipe was given to me by Usha aunty.Thank You!

Unsalted Butter - 1 kg
Optional - Fenugreek seeds,Sea salt.

1)Take a deep bottomed vessel.
2)Melt the butter in sim and then continue to cook it over moderate heat.
3)Foam will rise and slowly turn brown and settle down.
4)The foams will start to cease slowly with very little bubbles.
5)The butter by now would have taken the colour of pure gold with very rich aroma.
6)Allow the ghee to cool,then pour through a fine sieve or muslin cloth and carefully transfer to a container.
7)Add the optional ingredients at this point(I do not like any additional flavor so I don't add anything).The ghee solidifies when cooled.
1)Store your home made ghee for more than 1 year.(Don't have to refrigerate).


  1. Thanks Savi for that post... Because seriously I had no idea of how to.... So sincere thanks for helping me with this post.... I have saved it for future.... I will too.... SHUDDH GHEE!!!


  2. I am very happy it helps Ash..Thanks for the comment!!

  3. I make brown butter every week, but never make ghee. The technique is similar, but brown butter use high heat and no strain. :)

  4. Thank you time i will try making brown butter!!

  5. Very good one...never knew about adding fenugreek as an option.. thank you

  6. Reminds me of Maa and nanamma, wonderful pics and nicely written too!!! My first viist here, shall come by for more...

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  7. Hey There!

    it should be tasting much better than commercial ghee I'm sure! Kudos to you for still making it at home. With me life is so crazy, I just can't. Homemade yogurt, ghee, malai.....its all coming back to me :)

  8. Great recipe. I love the fragrance of ghee when it is just being made! I tend to make it when I need it rather than storing it for long time. Some of my recipes need ghee so I'll try and tag them to your recipe.

  9. awesome!... thanks for sharing :)

  10. Even i make ghe the same way from butteras we dont get malai from milk here :). Great to know that we can stroe this for 1 year :)