Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Irresistible Mango Punch

 Mango is purportedly the most widely consumed fresh fruit in the world,with worldwide production exceeding 17 million metric tons a year,the mango comes in over 50 varieties,ranging in color from greenish, yellowish,to reddish,often tinged with purple,pink,orange-yellow.It is a member of the Anacardiaceae family and is a distant relative of the pistachio and cashew trees. 
Mangos originated in northeast India,north western Myanmar and Bangladesh,fossil records were found them dating back 25 to 30 million years.It reached Mexico in the early 19th century, and finally reached the United States in 1860.
Mangos are mentioned in many famous epic and theological writings,including the Vedas,Hinduism’s sacred books;and also in the Ramayana,one of India’s most legendary Sanskrit poems,which tells the story of Prince Rama’s journeys in life.In Sanskrit poetry and metaphors,mangos are also referred to as the kalpavriksha,“the wish-granting trees”, because of their taste and their symbolic meaning.Sanskrit is the classical language of ancient India.The name mango itself comes from the Dravidian word mânkây : mân, mango tree + kây, meaning fruit.The fruit is commonly known as mango in most countries,with slight variations in Portuguese (manga) and French (mangue).Mexico is the largest exporter of mangoes in the world now.Here I am going to give you a party hit and easy to make recipe "The Irresistable Mango Punch".Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with me,Usha aunty.

Mango pulp - 1 can(30 Oz)
Vanilla icecream - 1/2 litre
Mango cut into small pieces (optional)
A bottle of Sprite / 7up.
1.Pour mango pulp in a punch bowl.
2.Add Vanilla Icecream.
3.Slowly add sprite in it.
4.Keep on stirring till pulp mixes well.Ice cream may not melt completely but don't worry.It should just be thin enough to be served in glasses. So you can just adjust sprite as required.
5.Mix in as much as mango pieces you would like in your punch and give it a final mix.
5.Your Punch is ready. Prepare it just before serving so when you serve it ,it will still be frothy.
6.You may decorate it with lemon or may serve it as it is.
7.Mango punch is ready to be served.

A Sure Hit with the kids!!!